Dr. Douglas Arnold to give Erwin Schrödinger lecture at University of Vienna

November 25, 2019

On Monday, December 16, Simons Wave Collaboration P.I. Douglas Arnold will be address those in attendence at the University of Vienna. In a talk titled 'Wave localization and landscape,' Arnold will touch upon  the puzzling phenomenon of wave localization and the talk will focus on major strides made in recent years based on the introduction of the landscape function and its partner, the effective potential.

The Erwin Schrödinger Lectures are directed towards a general audience of mathematicians and physicists. In particular it is an intention of theses lectures to inform non-specalists and graduate students about recent developments and results in some area of mathematics or physics. The lecture will be followed by a reception.

Read the full abstract on the poster image, attached to this page, or learn more about the lecture on the Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics website.

Schridinger lecture poster