Paris 2019 Presentations and Photo Gallery

Paris 2019 Photo Gallery


Short Course: Spectral Theory and Mathematical Approaches to Localization

Location: Institut d’Optique Graduate School, Palaiseau

January 7 - 8, 2019

Thierry Giamarchi - Lecture 3

Thierry Giamarchi - Lecture 3

Frédéric Klopp - Lecture 3

Frédéric Klopp - Lecture 3

Thierry Giamarchi - Lecture 1

Thierry Giamarchi - Lecture 1

Frédéric Klopp - Lecture 1

Frédéric Klopp - Lecture 1

Thierry Giamarchi - Lecture 2

Thierry Giamarchi - Lecture 2

Frédéric Klopp - Lecture 2

Frédéric Klopp - Lecture 2

Workshop on Spectral Properties of Disordered Systems

Location: Mines ParisTech and Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

January 9 - 11, 2019

Max Engelstein

Max Engelstein: Geometry and the Dirichlet Problem in Any Co-Dimension

Wolfgang König

Wolfgang König: Eigenvalue order statistics and mass concentration in the parabolic Anderson model

Konstantin Pankrashkin

Konstantin Pankrashkin: Eigenvalues of a Robin Laplacian w/ large parameter in the bound. condition

Bart van Tiggellen

Bart Van Tiggelen: Anderson Localization: Unrecognizable Monster or Not?

Daniele Boffi

Daniele Boffi: On the approximation of the spectrum of differential operators

Bernard Helffer

Bernard Helffer: Agmon Estimates Along 40 Years (1979-2019)

Georg Maret

Georg Maret: Light propagation in high index photonic glasses and layered non-reciprocal media

Patrick Sebbah

Patrick Sebbah: Direct Validation of the Landscape Theory

Claude Weisbuch

Claude Weisbuch: Quasi-3D Modeling of Intrinsic Disorder in InGaN/GaN Semiconductor Heterostructures

Guy David

Guy David: From the Landscape Function To Free Boundary Problems and Minimal Sets

Vincent Josse

Vincent Josse: Measurement of the spectral functions in disordered potentials

Svitlana Mayboroda

Svitlana Mayboroda: Landscape approach to wave localization

Jose Soares de Andrade Jr.

Jose Soares de Andrade Jr.: Fluid flow localization in disordered systems